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St. Mary’s School is a Christ-centered school where

all enter to learn and exit to serve

At St. Mary’s


We offer an atmosphere that nurtures the growth of the child-spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Our positive loving, and caring staff challenges our students academically while promoting Christian values. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s learning. we are accredited by the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association. All teachers hold a teaching license. Our facilities include a library with over 5,600 titles, a computer lab which is networked throughout the school and Smart Boards in every class room. We offer the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math programs and a gymnasium which continues to house our basketball program. Our cafeteria serves students a hot lunch and a modern playground meets all state standards for our Pre-K through 6th grade.

Our Vision

To commit to academic excellence

To recognize the individual differences and uniqueness of each child and employ a variety of teaching techniques to help each child reach his or her highest potential.

To combine innovative educational tools and methods of teachings.

To build community in an atmosphere that nurtures the total growth of each person.

To develop stewards of Christ within the community, church and world.

Bus Safety & Student Transportation


The purpose for providing students bus safety training is to properly educate them regarding bus safety issues and the responsibilities required for school bus ridership.  The school district will provide students enrolled in grades TK-6 (for the purposes of this handbook) with age appropriate school bus safety training.  The training will be results-oriented and shall consist of both classroom instruction and practical training using a school bus.  Upon completion of the training, a student will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following competencies:

  1. Transportation by school bus is a student privilege, not a student right
  2. District policies for student conduct and school bus safety
  3. Appropriate conduct while on the bus
  4. The danger zones surrounding a school bus
  5. Procedures for safely boarding and leaving a school bus
  6. Procedures for safely crossing roads, streets, or highways
  7. School bus evacuation and other emergency procedures

Students are expected to follow the same behavioral standards while riding the school buses as they are expected to on school property or at school functions, activities, or events.  All school rules are in effect while a student is riding the bus or waiting at the bus stop.  Riding the school bus is a privilege and not a right.

Consequences for school bus / bus stop infractions will be imposed by the building principal or his/her designate.  In addition, all school bus misconduct will be reported to the District Transportation Director.  Very serious offenses will be reported directly to either the Department of Public Safety and/or law enforcement.

Get to your bus stop five minutes before your scheduled pick up time.  (The bus drivers are taught not to wait on late students.)Students will wait for the bus off the roadway and in an orderly manner.Respect the property of others.Keep your arms, legs, and belongings to yourself.Use appropriate language at all times.Stay away from the street, road, or highway when waiting for the bus.  Wait until the bus stops before approaching the bus entrance.After getting off the bus, move a safe distance away from the bus.If you must cross the street, always cross the street in front of the bus driver so he/she can see you.  WAIT for the driver to signal before crossing any road.No fighting, harassment, bullying, or “messing around” is permitted at bus stops.No use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.  Obey the driver at all times.Keep head and hands inside the bus at all times.Remain seated when the bus is in motion.Use inside or quiet speaking voices when riding the bus.Students will not throw things inside or outside the bus.Students will make financial restitution for damages that occur to the bus if responsible.Show respect for the driver and other passengers.Help to keep the bus clean of liter.Know and practice all safety rules and emergency procedures.Refrain from the use of profanity, obscene language and / or gestures, and the transporting of nuisance articles on to the bus.Refrain from verbal and sexually harassing comments and activities.Understand all school policies as they relate to student bus ridership as a result of the classroom and practical bus safety training.  

Consequences for school bus / bus stop violations or misconduct will apply to all regular and special bus routes.  Parents / Guardians will be notified of any suspension of bus riding privileges.

  1. First Offense –                        Written Warning
  2. Second Offense –                    3 Day Suspension from riding the bus
  3. Third Offense –                       5 Day Suspension from riding the bus
  4. Fourth Offense –                     10 Day Suspension from riding the bus
  5. Continued Offenses –             *Will be individually reviewed and evaluated. 

*Students may be suspended for longer periods of time and could very likely be suspended for the remainder of the school year.

When a student goes 60 school days without a bus report, the student’s consequences may start at the first offense level.  This possible action is at the discretion of administration and transportation director.

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Curriculum Overview

St. Mary’s School aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best school years.


The study that encourages scientific reasoning, discoveries and inventions.


Understanding the game of numbers and logic to solve real-world problems.

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St. Mary’s School Parent-Student Handbook for School year 21-22

21-22 School Calendar

Back to School Covid 19 Preparedness Plan for St. Mary’s students

St. Mary’s School Staff

  • Principal: Lisa Dieter –
  • Secretary: Chris Schons –
  • Cafeteria: Gwen Johnson – 507-629-3841-
  • Maintenance: Tim Amick – 507-629-3270
  • Pre-School: Mackenzie Lau –
  • Pre-School Para: Kathy VanMoer –
  • Kindergarten: Breann Nilius –
  • First and Second Grades: Amanda Petersen –
  • Third and Fourth Grades: Joni Klimek –
  • Fifth and Sixth Grades: Jolene Labat –

St. Mary’s School is a Christ-Centered School where all enter to learn and exit to serve.