The 99 – Session 1 Questions

  1.  Do you see yourself as one of the “ninety-nine”?  That is, as part of Jesus’ flock, close to Him, following Him daily, ready to hear His voice?  Or do you see yourself as more the “one” who has wandered away from the Lord?
  •  On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate the strength of your relationship with the Lord now?  (one being “very weak” and ten being “very strong”.)
  • What would need to change for your relationship with God to deepen?  Come up with some concrete ideas.
  • In times of suffering do you feel more drawn to God or feel abandoned by Him?  Why?
  • Why do you think so many people today have grown weary of religion in general? 
  • What is the cause of your greatest stress?  Why?
  • What is the cause of your greatest joy?  Why? 
  • What would you like “written on your tombstone”? That is, what would you like to be remembered for after you die?
  • What do you desire most in your life?
  1. What do you desire most to achieve before you die?  Is this the same as the previous question?  Should it be?
  1. What earthly things can frequently direct us away from God?
  1. How do I find the idea of God as “Father”? Why?

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